Former cricketer Imran Khan’s third marriage after Jemima, Reham Khan, know what does New Bride Bushra! Imran khan wedding pictures

Imran khan wedding pictures

imran khan third wedding picture

Former cricketer and Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI) chief Imran Khan has once again got married in secret. Imran’s new Begum Bushra is a spiritual teacher, who used to go to learn Spirituality. According to the Pakistani media, Imran married in Lahore on January 1 night. Recent pictures of Imran’s wedding have come to the social media. It is noteworthy that in the beginning of the year, the news of Imran’s third marriage was becoming very viral but at the time he had denied this news. Not only this, Imran’s party secretary, On Chaudhary and party spokesman Newamool Haq also denied the marriage party’s marriage. But pictures of Imran’s third marriage are also being shared with the new bride on social media. On the same day, Chowdhury’s wedding


Imran khan wedding pictures

Imran khan wedding pictures with bushra manika


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It is being told that Imran’s third marriage was also read from Mufti, who gave him another marriage two years ago. However, when the media asked Mufti about this, they refused to tell anything. Mufti Saeed, who is studying at the party, is the leader of the party’s core committee. After marrying the party on January 1, Imran was present in the anti-terrorism court directly in Islamabad where he got bail in a case in 2014.

imran khan marriage pictures

Imran khan marriage with bushra manika


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According to media reports, Imran has married in the Sector W of Defense Housing Authority of Lahore. The wedding took place at the confidante’s house of Imran’s friend and his third wife. Imran’s new wife lives in Gulburg 3. Bushra broke his first marriage a few months ago. Her ex-husband told that the wedding had ended because of spiritual reasons. Imran, after this, came in contact with his Bushra for some time to learn spirituality a few years ago. Gradually the relationship between the two became so deep that the matter reached marriage.

imran khan wedding pictures

Imran khan and jamaima gold smith

Imran first married Jemima Khan on May 16, 2015. After 9 years, he was divorced on 22 June 2004 with Gemma. There is also a son of Imran from Jemima Khan.


imran khan wedding pictures

Imran khan and reham khan


After divorcing Jemima, Imran married the TV anchor Rehman Khan on 8 January 2015. Imran did not even talk about marrying

Reham. He tweeted on December 31, 2014 – The news of my marriage is nothing but more than what has been said. On 8th day he had remarried to Rehman publicly.

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