Massage Chair Review 2017

massage chair review 2017

On the move, this massage chair offers the advantage of being portable . As a practitioner, you can easily fold and unfold it anywhere. The vast majority of manufacturers offer chairs for professional use of excellent quality. They are adjustable to the morphology and size of the client. Chair massage is appreciated by people who are overweight or simply for people who feel more comfortable sitting down than lying down. The demand for seated amma massage is growing steadily. Clients are increasingly aware of the physical and mental benefits of massage. Especially as they are more and more overworked and stressed. Sitting amma massage is a very effective way to reduce tension and relieve discomforts in the neck and back. More and more companies are signing partnerships with massage practitioners for the well-being of their employees . The choice of a light and durable chair is therefore of paramount importance for improving customer satisfaction.

How to choose your massage chair?

The choice is very wide with regard to the models that will be offered to you on the market. Basic models, which allow the client to sit comfortably during the massage, to the most expensive models with the highest technology, virtually all possibilities have been explored. Thus the design adapts with the ergonomic technology and the way the body adapts so that it is comfortably installed during a massage session. Most massage chairs have been designed to be comfortable for both the client and the practitioner. The preferred model of professionals is one that is folding and portable. It also takes up less space for storage. In restricted work spaces, it will find its place, While bringing a touch of professionalism in a wellness massage cabinet. A massage practiced on a chair can be an alternative to the massage table. Today’s models are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic. You will find them in very variable price ranges. If you are a beginner, you will be satisfied with a model below 200 Euros. Some of the models will even come with a carrying case that will make it easy for you to travel. You can settle for a model below 200 Euros. Some of the models will even come with a carrying case that will make it easy for you to travel. You can settle for a model below 200 Euros. Some of the models will even come with a carrying case that will make it easy for you to travel.

1. Easy Folding
Choose a chair that can be installed quickly and easily, especially when you have to move to several differmassage chairent locations in the same day. You will also give the customer the impression that you respect his time.

2. Comfort
If you are looking for a massage chair for personal practice, you can settle for a chair with a foam not too thick. On the other hand for a professional practice, a thick foam will be more massage chaircomfortable for your customers.

3. Flexibility
Choose it adjustable so that it can be adjusted to the morphology of your customers. You should be able to adjust the height of the massage chair to your most comfortable level. The torso support cushion can also be adjustable, As well as arm supports, leg supports and head restraint.

Ergonomic chair for head massage

The ergonomic office chair allows access to the head, neck and shoulders during an Indian skull field . Because it is not possible to work properly on a massage table for this benefit that is generally done in hairdressing salons.

I use an ergonomic chair because it allows the client to sit in a straight and slightly crouched position at the same time. Do not rely on its appearance, as it is really very comfortable.

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